2. Band set list


bandset_tool Band set list

This tab allows for the management of band sets defined in Band set.

It is possible to order or remove multiple band sets at once. Double click the list to set the active band set (i.e. the tab selected in Band set definition with bold green name).

It is also possible to export and import multiple band sets saved as file .scpb .

2.1. Band set list

  • input_table Band set list: table containing the following fields;
    • Number project_save: number of the band set; cannot be edited;
    • Bands project_save: bands of the band set; cannot be edited;
  • move_up: move highlighted bands upward;
  • move_down: move highlighted bands downward;
  • rgb_tool: create a RGB Color Composite for highlighted band sets;
  • add: add an empty band set;
  • remove: remove highlighted band set;
  • export: export band set list to a file (i.e. .scpb);
  • import: import a previously saved band set list from file (i.e. .scpb);