7. RGB list


rgb_tool RGB list

This tab allows for managing the RGB Color Composite used in the list RGB= of the Image control.

7.1. RGB list

  • input_table RGB list: table containing the following fields;
    • RGB: RGB combination; this field can be manually edited;
  • move_up: move highlighted RGB combination upward;
  • move_down: move highlighted RGB combination downward;
  • order_by_name : automatically sort RGB combinations by name;
  • add: add a row to the table;
  • remove: remove highlighted rows from the table;
  • reset: clear all RGB combinations from RGB list;
  • export: export the RGB list to a file (i.e. .csv);
  • import: import a previously saved RGB list from file (i.e. .csv);

7.2. Automatic RGB

  • Band combinations enter: add the combinations of all bands (i.e. permutation) to the RGB list (e.g. 1-2-3, 1-2-4, …, 3-2-1);