Band combination


band_combination Band combination

This tab allows for the combination of bands loaded in a Band set. This tool is intended for combining classifications in order to get a raster where each value corresponds to a combination of class values. Raster values must be integer type. A combination raster is produced as output and the area of each combination is reported in an text file.

This tool supports virtual raster output; if the output file name ends with .vrt then the output is created as virtual raster composed of as many .tif files as the number of CPU threads defined in System; for large rasters this can speed up the process. Combination of band values

  • Select input band set (of classifications) input_number: select the input Band set;
  • BATCH batch_tool: add this function to the Batch;
  • RUN run: choose the output destination and start the calculation; also, the details about the combinations are displayed in the tab Output and saved in a .txt file in the output directory;