Mosaic band sets


mosaic_tool Mosaic band sets

This tool allows for the mosaic of band sets, merging the corresponding bands of two or more band sets defined in the Band set. An output band is created for every corresponding set of bands in the band sets.

NoData values of one band set are replaced by the values of the other band sets. Mosaic of band sets

  • Band set list input_text: list if band sets defined in the Band set; in case of overlapping images, the pixel values of the first band set in the list are assigned.
  • checkbox Use value as NoData input_number: if checked, set the value of NoData pixels, ignored during the calculation;
  • checkbox Create virtual raster output optional: if checked, output is created as virtual raster .vrt composed of as many .tif files as the number of threads defined in System; for large rasters this can speed up the process;
  • Output name prefix input_text: set the prefix for output file names (default is mosaic);
  • BATCH batch_tool: add this function to the Batch;
  • RUN run: select an output directory and start the mosaic process;