Reproject raster bands


clip_tool Reproject raster bands

This tab allows for reprojecting bands in a Band set and perform other raster operations. Reproject raster bands

  • Select input band set input_number: select the input Band set to be reprojected;
  • checkbox Align to raster checkbox same extent as reference input_list optional: if Align to raster is checked, use the same coordinate reference system and pixel size as the selected reference; if same extent as reference is checked, the output extent will be the same as the reference;
  • reload: refresh layer list;
  • checkbox Use EPSG code input_text X resolution input_text Y resolution input_text optional: if checked, use the EPSG code for defining the output coordinate reference system with X resolution and Y resolution;
  • checkbox Resample pixel factor input_text optional: if checked, new pixel size will be the original size times this factor;
  • Resampling method input_list: select the resampling method; options are nearest_neighbour, average, sum, maximum, minimum, mode, median, first_quartile, third_quartile;
  • Output type input_list: select the output raster type; options are Auto (same as input), Float32, Int32, UInt32, Int16, UInt16, Byte;
  • checkbox Change output NoData value input_number optional: if checked, set a new value for NoData pixels;
  • Output name prefix input_text: set the prefix for output file names (default is reproj);
  • BATCH batch_tool: add this function to the Batch;
  • RUN run: choose an output destination and start the process;