Zonal stat raster


classification_dilation Zonal stat raster

This tab allows for calculating the statistics related to an input raster for every unique value of a reference vector or raster. For example, if a vector file contains a numeric field zone, this tool allows for calculating the mean value (for each zone) of input raster pixels. Zonal stat raster

  • Select the input raster input_list: select a raster (already loaded in QGIS);
  • reload: refresh layer list;
  • checkbox Use value as NoData input_number: if checked, pixels having NoData value are excluded from the calculation;
  • Select the reference vector or raster input_list: select a raster or a vector (already loaded in QGIS), used as reference layer for zones;
  • reload: refresh layer list;
  • Vector field input_list: if a vector is selected as reference, select a vector field containing numeric values; Statistic

  • Select a statistic input_list input_text: select a statistic; available options are Sum, Max, Min, Count, Mean, Median, Percentile, StandardDeviation; for Percentile a value can be entered;
  • BATCH batch_tool: add this function to the Batch;
  • RUN run: choose the output destination and start the calculation;